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Media Update 
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Apology from HRM to the residents of Africville. [Chronicle Herald coverage with video]
“We are sorry.” With those words Wednesday morning, Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly began to tell a roomful of people at a community centre gymnasium the details of a $3-million settlement between the city and the former residents of Africville. Kelly asked for forgiveness and apologized to community elders, including those who did not live to see the settlement come to fruition, for the pain and loss of dignity they experienced when the community was taken apart in the 1960s.

The Official Apology to Africville.
This is the Official Apology on the HRM website at

Honouring local leaders 
Halifax News Net | Halifax Weekly News | February 18, 2010
Community leaders from North Preston and Halifax were among an elite list inducted into the Rev. Dr. W.P. Oliver Wall of Honour in a ceremony at the Black Cultural Centre Saturday night.

New Book for Children
Author Christine Welldon’s book launching of her new book, The Children of Africville was held at the Halifax North Memorial Library on October 21, 2009.

Report Released
The Seaview Church and Africville Interpretive Centre Feasibility Study/Business Plan Final Report is now available.

About the Society
To capture the memories of Africville and educate future members of society, the Africville Genealogy Society identified a need to develop a web property that will keep the Africville spirit alive. Reflections from former residents, historical information and photos will act to build upon a site that showcases the memories and stories that Africville residents have to share with the larger community.

This web project aims to not only archive and capture the kindred spirits of the former residents and descendants of Africville, but also to act as an educational project that dispels the myths of a seaside slum, and show the heart and happiness of Africville as one of Nova Scotia’s oldest minority communities.

This project is supported primarily through Heritage Canada’s Gateway Fund.

We encourage you to contribute a photo or memory, to help preserve the memories of Africville for the future.